The Cult of the Realistic Rainbow

Starring: Kirsty Kross
Filmed by Kat McDowell
Edited by Lucy Alexandra Roberts

Running Time: 3:21 mins

Filmed on the secluded beach and rainforest near Byron Bay, Australia “The Cult of the Realistic Rainbow” deals with the clash of utopia and reality. The aesthetic and naturalist ethos of the film echoes the zeitgeist of the 1960s Hippy Movement, an era which many of us have grown up in the shadow of and may also actually have a distorted and inflated concept of. The film captures Kirsty Kross displaying her concept of freedom and joy- being naked in nature, yet in costume. She shows a need to be more than reality by creating an exaggerated and enhanced image that is also super ecstatic. “The Cult of the Realistic Rainbow” evokes a utopian vision which may never be reached just like the aspirations of the sixties’ Hippy movements. A failure to achieve perfection which resonates in the tattered wig, smudged body paint and distorted rainbow….