Like Water

Performance for PAO Festivalen curated by Performance Art Oslo
August 2021

Following water graffiti by artist, Stan D’Haene, the festival audience walked from Galleri ROM to the Akerselva where the Coral Trout was waiting. The Coral Trout then paraded down the river with an iceberg sculpture featuring a dead polar bear as well as a D’Haene and a curator. Emerging later on the banks of the river, the Coral Trout was then verbally attacked by an internet troll/INCEL type played by Mattias Hellberg. He slammed the performance and it’s effectiveness in saving the environment and taking tax payer’s money. The INCEL started sucking the Coral Trout’s nipple, pinning the fish to the ground in a gesture emblematic of the patriarchal system’s exploitation of “the other”. The Coral Trout repelled the attacker by squirting him with water from a baby fish and then the curator offered prosecco bubbles to the group. The INCEL joined the group and they all reflected on how nice it is to be in Norway and have art to discuss.

About the attention economy and the privileged position of Norway in being able to rely on natural resources such as oil and water for their economic security.

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