The Final Countdown

November 2017, Samfunshuset, Berlevåg

A performative intervention in Berlevåg- a Norwegian fishing community in the Arctic Circle created during an artist’s residency at Kvitbrakka, Berlevågatelieene. During an 80’s music evening organised by the local brass orchestra, the coral trout emerged onstage whilst the band played their rendition of “The Final Countdown” by the Swedish band, Europe. Dancing and then exposing one breast on stage, the coral trout slid off stage and across the dance floor to sit in the audience next to the owner of one of Berlevåg’s largest fish factories. The performance divided the community and was written about extensively in the region’s newspaper, Finnmarken.

A performance about the attention economy and the raping of the seas as well as the role of males and females in fishing communities.

Photos by Svein Harald Robertsen

Film Documentation by Ellen Eikenes