Cocktails & Dreams

Installation and performance at Tenthaus Oslo, October 2017 The installation “Cocktails & Dreams” was the result of a series of workshops with students from Hersleb Secondary School. All recent arrivals to Norway, the workshops explored the objective nature of beauty and how immigrants concepts of beauty are often influenced by their homeland or culture. The students also examined the significance of the colour green in symbolising growth and new beginnings as well as searching for new horizons…

Artefacts pertaining to my career in a Girl Band

Artefacts pertaining to my career in a Girl Band with a Boy in it For “The Inside Outside Show” with Olivia Pils at Galerie Walden in July 2012. With photographs from Henryk Weiffenbach These objects are artefacts from my career in Team Plastique, they reveal something, but do not say everything. I guess in Team Plastique I was learning how to be private whilst being in public. Whereas in “Artefacts pertaining to my Career in a Girl Band with a Boy in it” I am experimenting with how to deal…

Lost and perhaps even possibly Found

Lost and perhaps even possibly Found A biographical Photo Essay investigating the nature of Post-Colonialism in Australia based on a series of personal objects. The essay deals with themes such as cultural inferiority and insecurity in Australia as well as the relationship of European Australians with indigenous Australians and the Land. The essay focuses on the sense of anxiety of feeling “Lost” and the search for a sense of authenticity, stability and validation in Australian culture. In…

Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets: Marimekko, Ken Done and the Construction of Identity Final Presentation for the Masters Thesis, “Between the Sheets: Marimekko, Ken Done und die Konstruktion von Identität” at the Universität der Künste, Berlin in July 2012. Marimekko is a Design Firm from Finland and Ken Done is a designer from Australia. Both dealt with defining a new national image for Finland and Australia- nations defined by their isolation, cultural insecurity and natural beauty. I focused on a Marimekko…

Exhibition: “Lost and perhaps even possibly Found”

Exhibition: “Lost and Perhaps even Possibly Found” Exhibition at Galerie Crystal Ball October 19-November 16, 2013 featuring the Photo Essay, “Lost and Perhaps even Possibly Found” A study of individual and national identity within a post-colonial context. The exhibition focused on my bedspread as a child by the Finnish Design Firm, Marimekko and the bedspread I desperately wanted as a twelve year old by the Australian designer and artist, Ken Done. https://galeriecrystalball.wordpress.com/.

In Search of the Australian Sublime

In Search of the Australian Sublime Lecture Performance at Localise: Das Heimat Festival, Potsdam, June 2011 A Lecture about Homesickness as seen in the development of Australian Landscape Painting. A series of public actions which are illegal in public in Australia were also performed and finally the performance culminated in the creation of a Fake Beach. The performance also dealt with the themes of Eurocentrism, Post-Colonialism, Authenticity and Anti-Elitism. http://www.localize-potsdam.de/das-heimatfestival/2011/

The Cult of the Realistic Rainbow

The Cult of the Realistic Rainbow Installation and Performance about the Devolution of Utopia featuring the Film “The Cult of the Realistic Rainbow”. At Gallery Neurotitan in Berlin for the exhibition “Urban Witches not Bitches”. Co-curated by Kirsty Kross and Lucy A. Roberts Also featuring Installations by: Lucy A. Roberts (Aus) Rubbish Fairy (UK) Diana Arce (USA) Olivia Pils (Germany) Photographed by Miguel Lopes “Urban Witches” Poster photographed by Henryk Weiffenbach https://www.neurotitan.de/EN/archive/2009/090815_Urban%20Witches_en.html


Plastiqueland Installation for the exhibition “Secrets of the Berlin Supermuse” at Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin and the set for Plastiqueland TV. Based on ideas of Utopia, Romance and Naivity- the perfect setting for the persona of Legs Akimbo.