Lost and perhaps even possibly Found

Lost and perhaps even possibly Found

A biographical Photo Essay investigating the nature of Post-Colonialism in Australia based on a series of personal objects. The essay deals with themes such as cultural inferiority and insecurity in Australia as well as the relationship of European Australians with indigenous Australians and the Land.

The essay focuses on the sense of anxiety of feeling “Lost” and the search for a sense of authenticity, stability and validation in Australian culture.

In doing so, “Lost and perhaps even possibly Found” deals with the Finnish Design Firm, Marimekko, Kate Bush, “The Giant Devil Dingo”- the first Australian children’s book by an indigenous author, Ken Done, the Azaria Chamberlain Case and the symbolic meaning of fish.

The essay shows the variable and flexible meaning of objects and suggests that although the original meaning of an object may be misinterpreted or misread, perhaps the object’s original meaning can still exert a powerful influence.

Photos by Miguel Lopes