Team Plastique for SO36, May Day

Team Plastique for SO36, May Day 2009

Team Plastique was formed in Brisbane, Australia in 2001 and performed for over 10 years together. In 2003, the band released the album “Suck” and in 2006, the follow up album “This is the Shit” was launched.

Consisting of Axel Danke Schön, Psykat and Legs Akimbo (and from 2000-2004 Miss Dish), Team Plastique wanted to add a live, performative element to electronic music. Shows often involved a series of interactive stunts such as Date Tape, Body Graffiti, Pineapple Smashing and Food Bondage. The band aimed to subvert notions of nightclub entertainment which normally centres around being cool and having a rather passive, alienating or chemically enhanced experience. The two female performers, Psykat and Legs Akimbo also subverted the role of women in the music industry. They would often undress during the show but continue to make themselves ugly through acts such as smearing paint and food onto their bodies or taping their bodies into mutated forms.

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