Cocktails & Dreams

Installation and performance at Tenthaus Oslo, October 2017

The installation “Cocktails & Dreams” was the result of a series of workshops with students from Hersleb Secondary School. All recent arrivals to Norway, the workshops explored the objective nature of beauty and how immigrants concepts of beauty are often influenced by their homeland or culture. The students also examined the significance of the colour green in symbolising growth and new beginnings as well as searching for new horizons “the grass always being greener”. Whilst discussing what the students found beautiful about Norway, they agreed that they found Norwegian water beautiful which was highly interesting as they all came from nations experiencing problems with water due to climate change and/or conflict. As a result, the water cocktail bar “Cocktails & Dreams” was created which exalted the beauty of Norwegian tap water. Taking on the form of a beach bar with a Norwegian mountain motif, the cocktail bar also alluded to my Australian origins and my identity can be hybridised within a Norwegian context. “Cocktails & Dreams” hoped to celebrate youth, hybridity and magic as well as uncertainty, change and anxiety. Despite many Norwegians feeling anxious about the influx of young Islamic immigrants, this development represents a rich opportunity for innovation and growth.

The students had a disco in the cocktail bar where they danced, flirted and drank water.