Kirsty Kross

Nationality: Australian


2012- Masters of Art in Context,
Universität der Künste, Berlin

1997- Graduate Diploma of Teaching
in Visual Arts and History,
Queensland University of Technology

1994- Bachelor of Arts
majoring in Art History and Modern History,
The University of Queensland

Exhibitions, Projects, Performances:

“Miss Liquidity”, Performance Happening, Jeg kaller det Kunst, National Museum of Norway, Oslo
“Let’s Talk about Dolphin Sex”, Lecture Performance, Meta.Morf: Trondheim International Biennial of Art and Technology, Trondheim
“Rorschach Tests for the Anthropocene”, Performance, Installation, Artist’s Talk, Agder Kunstsenter, Kristiansand
“The Age of Aquarius and Whatever”, Performance, Sound Installation, Spikersuppa Lydgalleri, Oslo curated by Andreas Hald Oxenvald

“Den Fisk Forstyrrelse Forestillingen”, Performance Workshop, DKS Lab, Oslo Kunstforening and Fotogalleriet, Oslo
“Like Water”, Performance, PAO Festivalen, Galleri ROM and Galleri 69, Oslo
“Painting is Sexy”, Performance, Hvitsten Salong, Hvitsten
“Åpent Atelier i det gamle Bedehuset”, Portør
“Mirage”, Performance, Collective Oslo, Frogner Parken, Oslo

“Walking in the Forest uten Lømmelykt”, Radio Series, Radio Tenthaus, Oslo
“I Should Be So Lucky”, Online Performance, Lucky Jewathon curated by Atalya Laufer for Festivalt, Poland
“Begjærkonkurranse”, Interactive Performance and Installation, KUBE, Ålesund
“Falling, 2020”, Performance, Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
“Coral Trout in Vadsø”, Installation and Performance, Vadsø Kunstforening, Finnmark
“Midtvintersblot”, Music and Performance, SALT, Oslo

“Cocktails & Dreams”, Installation in group exhibition, “Best of Sessions”, Tenthaus, Oslo
“Ghost of Exes Past”, Performance, Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo
“Green Fish Show”, Performance SALT, Oslo as part of the launch of the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities, University of Oslo
“Introducing Miss LIquidity”, Performance and drawings, FAEN, Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway
“How to Practise”, Performance Lecture, UKS, Oslo
“Anthropocene Punk Bitch”, Music and Performance, FLINK: Ocean Apocalypse, SALT, Oslo, Norway
“PAO Monumental”, Performance and Curator, for Performance Art Oslo, Oslo, Norway.
“Grønske Landscape Experiment”, Photograph from a Performance/Workshop, in the group exhibition, “Karnevalet- feiring og protest”, Interkulturelt Museum, Oslo.
“Ilmenite, Titanium and something In-Between”, Performance and Installation, Velferd Sokndals Scene for Samtidskunst, Sokndal

“Dawn Service- #MeToo”, Performance, Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, Australia
“Birthday Cake”, Performance, Localise Festival, Potsdam, Germany
“The Mysteries of the Meaning of the Fish and other Secrets of the Deep”, Performance, PAB International Performance Art Festival, Bergen, Norway
“Fiskhibitionist VS Bear Pervert VS Octopussy VS Superhuman VS Gaia”, Performance, Hviitsten Salong, Hvitsten, Norway
“Love Letter to a Stranger”, drawings and performance, Kunst Vardø, Oslo
“The Spirit”, Kunstnerprekene, drawings and performance, Sagene Kirke, curated by Liv Kristin Holmberg
“The Age of the Cephalopods is Nigh”, installation and performance, Dangerous Futures Conference, 5th Trondheim Biennale, Trondheim, Norway


“On Spirituality and the Possibility of Primavera in the Age of Post-capitalism”, drawings, text, instal- lation, performance
Pluss Pluss curated by Helle Siljeholm, Black Box Theatre, Oslo
“Coral Trout in Berlevåg- The Final Countdown”, installation and performance, Kvittbrakka, Berlevåg, Norway
“Cocktails & Dreams”, installation and performance, Tenthaus Oslo in co-operation with Hersleb Videregående Skole, Oslo
“GOLDEN EXCHANGE”, installation and performance, “SEXY BYDEL”, curated by Sexy Boyfriends, Oslo
“Sinking Tropical Paradise”, documentation,“Oslo Fjord Ecologies Experience”, curated by Kristin Bergaust, RAM Galleri, Oslo
“Sinking Tropical Paradise”, installation and performance, “Eco Echoes”, PAO@Steilene, Nesodden
“Falling down the stairs in A# Major”, performance, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

“Blue Christmas”, performance, Winter Solstice Festival organised by Vandaler Forening, Oslo
“The Raquel Project: Copy of a Little Black Book”, drawings and text, as part of “Bedfellows: Sex Re-Education”, workshop and installation,TATE Modern, London
“Mer eller mindre: Do 2 Litres of Water Make 2 Litres of Piss?”, performance and installation, The Partisan Cafe, The Bergen Assembly, Bergen
“Monumental Issues”, lecture performance, PAO@Kulturnatt, Oslo
“Aim High”, installation and performance, “Oily Tales”, PAO@Steilene, Nesodden
“Fish Tank Painting Machine”, installation and performance, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen

“The Raquel Project—Performance Dinner Zürich“ , installation and performance, curated by Lea Schleiffenbaum and Florian Christopher Seedorf, Lea und Florian laden ein, Zürich
“Dance of the Dead”, performance w/Helle Siljeholm & Liv Kristin Holmberg, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
“Lizzie Borden”, Theatre Performance in “Tödlichen Frauen” directed by Barbara Lubich, Elisabeth Wulff-Werthner & Olivia Pils, Zentralwerk, Dresden and Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig
“Coral Trout Welcome Parade”, performance, Østlandsutstillingen, Oslo
”Come Innn”, installation and performance, One Night Only, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
“Dinner and a Show”, installation and performance, curated by Lea Schleiffenbaum and JL Murtaugh for Joint Venture 2, Gallery Weekend Berlin
“Coral Trout Marathon, Stockholm” , installation and performance,
“Battle #18: Trollkrem VS Kirsty Kross”, PINK CUBE, The Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm

“Public Toilet Show”, performance, PAO@Kulturnatt, Oslo

“Coral Trout on a Column near a Clock and in a Canal, Berlin”, performance, Clockwork Gallery, Berlin

“Lost and perhaps even possibly Found”, Solo exhibition, Gallerie Crystal Ball, Berlin
“Between the Sheets: Marimekko, Ken Done und die Konstruktion von Identität”, text, photo-essay, per- formance and installation, Masters exhibition, Institut für Kunst in Kontext, Universität der Künste, Berlin
“Artefacts Pertaining to My Career in a Girl Band with a Boy in It”, installation, “The Inside Outside Show”, Walden-Kunstausstellungen, Berlin
“Coral Trout on Roller Skates in a Carpark, Berlin”, performance, curated by Michael Kutschbach, “At the Parkhaus”, Parkhaus Projekts, Berlin

“A Situation in Liechtenstein: The Medals”, performance/happening, Situation Simulation Society
Ministry of Culture, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
“In Search of the Australian Sublime”, lecture performance, Localize Festival, Potsdam, Germany

2001-2010, Team Plastique

Performances throughout Europe and Australia. Concerts at The Big Day Out Festival, Australia 2003, 2004, Chicks On Speed Australia-tour 2003, Peaches Australia tour 2004, Berliner Volksbühne 2004, Christopher Street Day Offi- cial Party Berlin 2006, Copenhagen Queer Festival 2006, Elevate Festival Graz 2008, Transmitter Festival Austria 2008, Feast Festival Australia 2008, Kunstsalon Berlin 2008, Gallerie Daeppen, Basel 2008

Relevant Work:

2021-2023- Curator, Artist’s Residency, Kvitbrakka Berlevågatelier, Berlevåg
2021-Co-curator, Winter Solstice, Vandaler Forening, Oslo
2020- Event Organiser, Midtvintersblot, SALT, Oslo

2019 – Performer, “The Viewers” for Carole Douillard, Oslo Biennale

2016 – 2019- Event organiser, FLINK: Performance+Party, SALT, Oslo

2015 – 2020- Curator and Event organiser, Performance Art Oslo

2017 – 2019- Event organiser, Deichman Grünerløkka, Oslo

2017 – Production Assistant, “No Place to Call Home”, FEED Festival, Oslo

2017 – Writer, The Institute of Equilateral Thoughts, Oslo

2015 – Dancer, “A Song to…”, Mia Habib Productions, Dansens Hus, Oslo

2011-2012 – Art Workshop creator and facilitator for youth, Schloss Trebnitz

2009 – Curator, “Urban Witches not Bitches”, Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin

2008 – Curator, “The Secrets of the Berlin Supermuse”, Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin

1998 – 2004 – Art teacher, Education Queensland, Australia

Awards, Grants, Residencies:
2021- Arbeidsstipend, Kulturrådet

2020- Residency, Nordisk Kunstnersenter Dale

2020- Koronastipend, Oslo Kommune

2020- Diversestipend, Kulturrådet, Norway

2017 and 2018- Residency, Kvittbrakka, Berlevågatelier, Berlevåg

2017 – Residency, “Sisters Academy #6”, Sisters Hope, Den Frie, Copenhagen

2017 – Grant from Tenthaus Oslo through Kulturrådet

2017 – Residency, PRAKSIS with Jeremy Bailey, Oslo

2017 – Prize, Dusk till Dawn Art Prize, PNEK and Vandaler Forening

Artist Workshops:
2021- Den Kulturelle Skolesekken Testlab with Oslo Kunstforening and Fotogalleriet
2021- Praksis Teen Advisory Board, Praksis, Oslo
2020- KUBE og Jugendstilsenteret, Ålesund
2020- Vadsø Kunstforening, Oslo
2017- Kvitbrakka, Berlevåg, Finnmark
2017- Tenthaus and Hersleb VGS, Oslo
2011-2012- Schloss Trebnitz, Brandenburg, Germany

“Kirsty Kross: Art for the End Times”, EE Journal #2, May 2017
“Sing your Life”, Vi see på Kunst, September 2017
“Kunstnerpupp vakt oppsikt”, Finnmarken, November 2017
“Korellenørret”, Vårt Land, May 2018
“Selfies i den ytterste tides,” 10TAL, May 2018
“A Fish out of Water”, Tvergastein, Interdisciplinary Journal of the Environment, Issue 11, June 2018
“Hvitsten Salong 2018”, Vestby Nytt, August 2018
“The Mysteries of the Meanings of the Fish”, Professor Jennie Klein for PAB International Performance Festival, September 2018
“Samtale mellom Kirsty Kross og Siri Borge: om fisk, religion og bratte trapper”, Billedkunst, Nr: 3, 2020