Erotic Art for Sale

In September 2009, my image as Legs Akimbo was on the cover of TIP Magazine. The issue was promoting the Berlin Art Forum. I was paid a little for the use of the image and my name was listed. However, my artwork was not included in the Berlin Art Forum, nevertheless my topless image was used to promote it as of course, sex sells. In 2010, I was also not included in the Berlin Art Forum. So during the Forum in October 2010, I stood outside the event hall where the exhibition was held dressed as Legs Akimbo. I stood in front of sign which said "Erotic Art for Sale" which was in cheap porn industry style font. In my pocket I contained examples of erotic drawings of mine which I had printed onto men's handkerchiefs and I named them "wankerchiefs". The wankerchiefs were for sale and passers by could come by and ask to see my works. We would discuss the works and negotiate a secret price depending on whether I liked the person or not, whether they could help me in the art industry or not and whether they treated me with respect or not. The performance was a commentary on the aesthetics, power structure and exploitative nature of the art industry. In addition, I linked the art industry with the sex industry which is also based on power, exploitation and secret prices for services. As the performance also took place in the public space, it also was an interesting experiment in gauging the attitudes of many people not just towards sex, but outsiders in the art industry.