Artefacts pertaining to my career in a Girl Band with a Boy in it

For "The Inside Outside Show" with Olivia Pils at Galerie Walden in July 2012.
With photographs from Henryk Weiffenbach

These objects are artefacts from my career in Team Plastique, they reveal something, but do not say everything.
I guess in Team Plastique I was learning how to be private whilst being in public.
Whereas in "Artefacts pertaining to my Career in a Girl Band with a Boy in it" I am experimenting with how to deal with being public about something private.
Fuck U, Fuck U2
Palm and Pine Soldiers Guard the Inverted Snowdome
Detail, "If these Wigs could Talk"
"Shoes I threw at him backstage in front of the promoter before going onstage where I performed thinking I was going to die and later a photo taken of me at the show ended up on the cover of a magazine."
"Biscuit Beach or Stage Stunt about Homesickness"