Kirsty Kross

Nationality: Australian


2012- Masters of Art in Context,
Universität der Künste, Berlin

1997- Graduate Diploma of Teaching
in Visual Arts and History,
Queensland University of Technology

1994- Bachelor of Arts
majoring in Art History and Modern History,
The University of Queensland

Exhibitions, Projects, Performances:

May 2018, “Kunstnerprekener”, drawings and performance,
Sagene Kirke, curated by Liv Kristin Holmberg, Oslo

May 2018, “Desperate Intervention”, installation and performance,
Dangerous Futures Conference, Trondheim, Norway

January 2018, “Strip-o-gram”,
Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, Germany

December 2017, “STUFF”, installation and performance,
Winter Solstice Festival, Vandaler Forening, Oslo

November 2017, “Nigella”, installation and performance,
Vi see på Kunst, Magazine Launch, Sentralen Oslo

November 2017, “On Spirituality and the Possibility of Primavera in the Age of Post-capitalism”, drawings, text, installation, performance
Pluss Pluss curated by Helle Siljeholm, Black Box Theatre, Oslo

November 2017, “Coral Trout in Berlevåg- The Final Countdown”, installation and performance,
Kvittbrakka, Berlevågatelieene, Berlevåg, Norway

October 2017, “On the Aesthetics of Imperfection and how it makes you Feel”, lecture performance,
“Sisters Academy #6”, curated by Sisters Hope, Den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark

September 2017, “Cocktails & Dreams”, installation and performance,
Tenthaus Oslo in co-operation with Hersleb Videregående Skole, Oslo

September 2017, “GOLDEN EXCHANGE”, installation and performance,
“SEXY BYDEL”, curated by Sexy Boyfriends, Oslo

August 2017, “Sinking Tropical Paradise”, documentation,
“Oslo Fjord Ecologies Experience”, curated by Kristin Bergaust, RAM Galleri, Oslo

July 2017, “Sinking Tropical Paradise”, installation and performance,
“Eco Echoes”, PAO@Steilene, Nesodden

June 2017, “Grace Day”, lecture performance and installation,
“Manifexpo: The Entrepreneurial Outcomes”, as part of PRAKSIS Residency with Jeremy Bailey,
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

March 2017, “Falling down the stairs in A# Major”, performance,
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

January 2017, “Desperate Intervention”, performance,
Klimafestivalen, Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek, Oslo

December 2017, “Blue Christmas Carol”, performance,
Winter Solstice Festival organised by Vandaler Forening, Oslo?
October 2016, “The Raquel Project: Copy of a Little Black Book”, drawings and text,
as part of “Bedfellows: Sex Re-Education”, workshop and installation,
TATE Modern, London

September 2016, “Mer eller mindre: Do 2 Litres of Water Make 2 Litres of Piss?”, performance and installation,
The Partisan Cafe, The Bergen Assembly, Bergen

September 2016, “Monumental Issues”, lecture performance,
PAO@Kulturnatt, Oslo

August 2016, “Undine Spricht”, performance and film,
with Ninotschka, Berlin

July 2016, “Aim High”, installation and performance,
“Oily Tales”, PAO@Steilene, Nesodden

April 2016, “Fish Tank Painting Machine”, installation and performance,
Galleri Bokboden, Bergen

February 2016, “The Night of a Thousand Haircuts”, music performance,
“FLINK: Performance+Party”, Maksitaksi, Oslo

November 2015, “The Raquel Project—Performance Dinner Zürich“ , installation and performance,
curated by Lea Schleiffenbaum and Florian Christopher Seedorf, Lea und Florian laden ein, Zürich

September 2015, “Dance of the Dead”, performance w/Helle Siljeholm & Liv Kristin Holmberg,
Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

July 2015, “Vantage Point”, performance,
PAO@Steilene, Nesodden, Dresden
by Barbara Lübich and Elisabeth Wulff-Werthner
Performances at Zentralwerk, Dresden, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig and At.Tension Festival

June 2015
"Coral Trout Welcome Parade, Oslo"
Østlandsutstillingen, Oslo

May 2015
"Come Innn"
Durational Performance
One Night Only
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

May 2015
"Dinner and a Show"
Durational Performance
Joint Venture #2
Berlin Art Weekend
curated by Lea Schleiffenbaum and J.L.Murtagh

April 2015
"Coral Trout Marathon, Stockholm"
Durational Performance
Stockholm, Sweden
for PINK CUBE, Oslo
Battle #18 Kirsty Kross VS Trollkrem
curated by Anja Carr

September 2014
"Public Toilet Show"
Kulturnatt Oslo
with Performance Art Oslo

August 2013-
"Coral Trout on a Column near a Clock and in a Canal, Berlin"
Clockwork Gallery, Berlin

June 2013
"Coral Trout on the Floor, Potsdam"
Localise Festival, Potsdam, Germany

November 2012-
"Coral Trout on Pianos- Brisbane"
Browning Street Studios,
for the "Positive Feedback Loop Conference"
Queensland College of Art,
Griffith University, Brisbane

October 2012-
"Lost and perhaps even possibly Found"
featuring the Performance,
"Wir sind so Glücklich, wirklich, wirklich Glücklich- a conversation in German with the accent of the Sydney bourgeoisie to the melody of Kylie Minogue"
Crystal Ball Gallery, Berlin

July 2012-
"Between the Sheets: Marimekko, Ken Done und die Konstruktion von Identität"
Graduate Exhibition,
Universität der Künste, Berlin

July 2012-
"Artefacts pertaining to my Career in a Girl Band with a Boy in it"
Installation for
"The Inside Outside Show",
Walden-Kunstausstellungen, Potsdamer Strasse, Berlin

May 2012-
"Coral Trout on Roller Skates in a Carpark, Berlin"
Performance for
"At the Parkhaus",
curated by Michael Kutschbach
Parkhaus Projekts, Straßburgerstrasse, Mitte, Berlin

June 2011-
"In Search of the Australian Sublime"
Lecture Performance,
Localize Festival, Potsdam

April 2011-
"Yin Yang"
Performance and Installation,
Crystal Ball Gallery, Berlin

October 2010-
"Erotic Art for Sale"
Intervention Performance,
Berlin Art Forum, Berlin

August 2009-
"The Cult of the Realistic Rainbow"
Installation for
"Urban Witches not Bitches",
Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin

May 2008-
“Plastiqueland 2”
Installation for
"Secrets of the Berlin Supermuse",
Galerie Neurotitan,
Berlin, Deutschland

"Team Plastique"
Music and Art Group with Axel Brandle, Kat McDowell and Melanie Fulton (2001-4)
Established: Brisbane, Australia, 2001
Relocated: Berlin 2004

Team Plastique Releases:
Team Plastique EP,
Plastique Records, 2003
Brisbane, Australia

“This is the Shit”
Team Plastique LP,
Fondue Records, 2006
Berlin, Deutschland
Release Party @ the closing Party for the Berlin Art Biennial

Artist's Statement:
I use humor and exaggerated femininity to make artworks which appear light, sexy and superficial, but upon a deeper reading reveal critical insights about themes such as society, feminism and the human condition.