Dinner and a Show

Performance and Installation @ Joint Venture #2, Berlin Art Weekend
curated by Lea Schleiffenbaum and JL Murtagh

5 Meals
5 Songs
5 Drawings

A Show questioning authenticity and inauthenticity.
Kirsty Kross wore an apron crafted from recycled imitation timber.


 #1- Green Smoothie   Leafy greens and tropical fruit wrapped together in a powerful bundle of anti-oxidants and juiced up by the Porsche of electric blenders. Inspired by the eating habits of the Kasakela Chimpanzee. The social hierarchy juices itself back to the beginning. 
 #2- Jayne Dog Baguette   In honor of Jayne Mansfield's title "Miss Hot Dog Ambassador 1954", bite into your own slice of Jayne Dog. Savour the juicy pink coleslaw whilst imagining Jayne floating in her pink, heart-shaped swimming pool at the foot of the Hollywood Hills.  
 #3- Shanghai Underground Pizza   Could this be a pizza from the Shanghai Underground? Topped with a blueberry dipping sauce…. 
 #4- Ritterprofiteroles   A desert about the French/German culture clash. A sensual affair rammed into reality by squarish functionality and salt of the earth practicality. Finally working together in a conglomeration with the word "profit" in the middle.  
 #5- Magic Ice   An icy delight encapsulating a mini landscape of pared back hippy values. Suck on the thyme, get it in your teeth and chew on some gelatin while you're at it. Not going to give away the punchline, but could it be magic?